Hello there!
Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to this e-mail.  We have been honestly meaning to respond much sooner!
The event went really well!  All the guests were very impressed with the décor and the venue, commenting that it was beautiful.  The food was wonderful - you were absolutely right - no one went hungry that night.  The food kept on coming out and the buffet stations were always full.  When the guests realized the food was vegetarian, they did not think they would be full...but we were pleased to prove them wrong.
I found the person in charge at the night extremely helpful - she helped us to sort out some last minute shuffling with the table and chair set ups, and was available to answer our questions.  There was one mishap during the night that Lily wanted me to mention (though I am sure you heard about it already).  This was when someone inadvertently spilled hot water all down the chest of one of our guests.  Unfortunately, she was burned and did not feel well that night and left the soiree right after the incident.  We understand that accidents happen but wanted to let you know that it occurred.
Minesh - from the day I stepped into Fuzion to meet you, I noticed your professionalism and your true desire to help us make this an incredible event, particularly one that placed emphasis on raising funds for our animals.
Thank you,