Kimberley's Sweet 16


Yes I finally recovered from the fabulous party.

Thank you so much for your great hospitality! Everything about Fusion were with excellent the food, hall, the servers ECT. We could not ask for more.

My daughter was very impressed with everything…her friends were also impress. This was the best end of summer party in Mississauga!!! LOL LOL

We had a great time and defiantly will recommend Fusion banquet to friends and family.

I will like to say a special thank you to Cameille for helping me make up my mind so quickly when I did not know whether or not I was going too booked. She was very warmth and friendly on my first visited I could not resist saying no to her I booked the party right away, this is which what great customer service is. Keep it up Cameille…

Thanks again to everyone who make my daughter Sweet 16 so wonderful! These memories will stay with us for a lifetime.

Catherine Ross